On the cusp of the 2000 membership. Congrats to admin

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Dec 4, 2008
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A hearty well done Mark for how the forum has blossomed under your gentle stewardship.

Onwards and upwards towards the 3000 membership.

Again, a very well done to you. :cheers2:

I would like to add my congrats too - very well done Mark.

This is a nice place to bee.:hurray:

Well done and thanks................

Regards Ian
Yup i'll bung in my three pennies worth, Congratulations Mark splendid effort on your behalf. Thanks for everything.

I note member "bladerunner" has just become the 2000 'th member...I belive his prize is a 2 week cruise around the Caribbean:hat: Just Pm Admin for your prize details:hurray:

Nice one Mark
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Thanks Mark,
All your hard work much appreciated :cheers2:

...excellent job, appreciate the time, effort and dedication it takes - keep up the good work :hurray:
Well done, certainly beats the other bee forums for info and suggestions
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Well done, and thank you Mark for running an exellent forum,if the forum keeps growing at this rate i would'nt be surprised if you get an offer of sponsorship from Bayer....lol...:leaving:
only another 38,000 to go and all Beeks will me members

, well done admin, much better forum than the Dark side
maybe rename Admin to ob1kenobi

dark side,, get it ! :smilielol5:
Thanks as above, the only forum I now routinely log on to. I tried the rest and have stuck with the best! nice one Mark.
This is the forum that feels like home...Thanks Mark


Couldn't have got through this far without the generous (and usually helpful!) advice I've had on this forum. So thanks to Admin for running such an excellent forum - but thanks also to all the rest of you who have made it so lively and informative.