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Nov 10, 2008
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More than 1, numbers seem to go up and down.
There might not be much rape about this year. I've heard quite a few farmers having to plough in the winter sown rape as the crop is in such a poor state.

Anyone else heard of rape being ploughed in...??
Not so much being grown in southern Hampshire this year,they all seem to be going for corn instead.

I may have a sniff around this weekend and see If I can find any for a couple of hives.
No, not around here, we have lots of it I'm surrounded by it this year, on three sides of me all within half a mile. It’s going to be a "fun time" for the bees, but not to sure about me though. :rolleyes:
I'm sure they are going to keep me very busy this spring:)

Just made up LOTS of supers and extra brood boxes.

Do you plan on making any Nucs up for sale rich if all goes well?
I?m going to have to bleed off a few bees that?s for sure .... So nucs will be on the go; I've already promised a couple or so back to my Association for some of our beginners, (class of 84 I was told) as a sort of ?payback? for their help in getting me up and running. The rest if there are any of course, will be moved on one way or another.