newbie question: is this normal?

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Dec 31, 2008
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Shropshire, uk
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Good morning!

I got my first colony sunday night - very hot bees, noisy as i would expect and lots of activity.

yesterday morning they had settled and flying nicely - fair bit of activity around the front (especially when the man cat shoved his nose in the door!). Yesterday evening they were nosier but I assumed they were cranky and hot like lots of us! By dusk there was a lovely hum coming from inside the hive!

This morning, at first I thought there were no bees but I saw a handful coming and going around the hive entrance but nothing like yesterday. This was about 8am. is this normal ? Are they foraging or should I expect more activity like yesterday. They are fairly local but the bee keeper I got them from did not think they would return to his apiary.

many thanks - Floss
sounds about right.

They were humming at dusk as they were busy driving air through the colony to evaporate water off the nectar they had collected.

At 8 am they were relatively quiet as they had done the work and were pausing before todays tasks.

If you are really asking have they swarmed I doubt it as I heard from a very experienced beekeeper that one way to stop a swarmy hive from going was to pack them up and give them a drive...LOL

And depends where the sun is for the hive. I have some in full sun at 8am and they are out and about. Others facing away dont emerge till they feel the rays on them- about an hour later-
chill out :cool:- dont worry. just enjoy
Thank you everyone! That is all reassuring! I just want all to be well - they are so interesting but it is all very new to me - lovely!!


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