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nots so bad lad

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May 15, 2009
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uk Elland west yorkshire
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Hello people i am based in Elland west yorkshire and a member of the Halifax bee club since october last year . i have just been on a weekend training course for new bee keepers run by the club based at cragg vale. Has yet i have no Bees or any thing i have put my name down for a nucleus and hope to start some time at the halifax apiary any advice help would be grateful.

Hi NSBL, welcome the forum.

Another noobie here, I've had my bees since the beginning of April.

If I can offer any pearls of wisdom they would be:

If at all possible when you go to sort out your kit (assuming you're getting the whole caboodle new, hives, suit etc) I'd really recommend that you go to a supplier in person so you've got a chance to have a play, talk to people (customers or staff), and make sure that you're happy with the kit that you're buying.

Don't get the starter kits unless you're really happy with what's in them, I didn't like any of the main supplier's kits and talking to Maisemore in Gloucester they confirmed that their kit wasn't a deal just what they considered to be a reasonable bundle of kit.

However much kit you get to start with, it wont be enough :)

Don't blindly follow advice from other beekeepers. I'm not suggesting for a second that you ignore it either, but at the very least make sure you understand what they're suggesting you do and why you're doing it AND that you agree with it. Question if you aren't sure.

No question on here is a stupid one. I've found here and what is euphamistically referred to as the "other forums" (similar to the British Kneekeeping Association) to be a valuable resource to explore theories and thoughts before inflicting them on my bees.

The two golden rules oft quoted about beekeeping:

N x Beekeepers = (N x Opinions) + Y. Where Y is a number between 1 and infinity


The bees haven't read the books you have, or have so know what you're expecting, and will do their own thing

Are absolutely true.
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I am another newbie quite near you in Ripponden, yet to get anywhere near bees as all the courses were full and wednesdays at the moment are a little bit of a problem.

Welcome (not really sure I am qualified to welcome you having posted so little on here!)
another one slids down the slipper slope of beekeeping. wecome to a passion not a hobbie

:iagree: Oh were that a lie. So little time, so much fascinating stuff to learn.

I luff my bees!
Thanks for the advice i am treading carefully and hope fully get started soon Millbeek i have sent you some messages hope you have got them your welcome to tag along to the meetings with me no need to be shy they are a mixed friendly bunch willing to advice and help the summer meet start in june at a honey house in denholme should be interesting

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