new PVC hives!!!!!

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Can you give us more information on these hives, please?

Are they commercially made, or just an experiment by you?

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Quite onto mass production we are even prepared but because on the picture according to visible hive Hungarian measuring readily therefore anything foreigner ( Dadant,Langstroth and an individual size an is)we can to produce,
but if more You would like to know him we can send a more detailed giving
I am already doubting that claim.

x20 of a polyhive? Don't think so. Need some 'U' values (or the other reciprocal one) and dimensions to verify. Doubt if PVC is anywhere near the insulation value of expanded polystyrene, and materials like that are likely filled with a different foam material anyway. Which means that air (or any other entrained gas) is the real insulant.

Could be compared to wood - but again, no details - and wood can be improved by some very simple insulation techniques.

For example replacing the outer frames (of a 14 x 12 or brood-and-a-half standard National with expanded polystryrene migh near halve the heat losses through the side walls, a sheet on the outside would reduce things even further and a sheet over the crownboard would make it effectively a poly hive!

Are you marketing this type of hive, BTW?

Regards, RAB
You don't need to be in trouble the 'U' value is 0.035 watt/m2/s2 the thermal isolation
and this PVC hives included with polystyrene and You can see on the pictures, it's working.
If You want to know more about this we have a premier and we can sand it to You.
We have been dealing ( with manufacture of an existing polystyrene beehives system, monthly 600 proper hive )
but we were not satisfied ladled more volatile as the wood hive , therefore we amalgamated the wood hive and advantages of the polystyrene hive and originated the polyvinyl chloride hive .We can produce it in any size but we don't want to be in competitor with us in our country. That was the reason why we looking for in other countries.

As we earlier wrote it we have a premier about these hives with further information. If you want to see it we can send it to You.
I did ask you last night not to advertise your own products on the forum and removed your post twice.
Perhaps they don't understand you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try harder
Perhaps they don't understand you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! try harder

Agree, with an axe, this time!

Regards, RAB
You're getting it all wrong mate - make some garish beer coolers out of purple placcy, then get the BBC to spam them for you, and you'll have internet fora falling over themselves welcoming and discussing your innovative new product ad nauseam ........