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Drone Bee
Aug 25, 2009
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Oswestry, Shropshire, UK
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Hi There,
I have just registered for the forum after becoming interested in keeping bee's just a few months ago.
I am about to join the Oswestry Beekeepers, been reading up on the subject and am looking to start a course in Shrewsbury during the off season.
I hope to buy my first hive and nuc of Bees in time for the new season.
i am looking to buy a national hive and perhaps the full kit including nuc of bees.
Is there anyone else here from Oswestry?
And i would welcome any thoughts and/or advice on Hives, where to buy (i was thinking of 'Fragile planet' Oswestry, prices.
Best way to buy bee's and anything else that might be usefull to a beginer

Thanks in anticipation!
we will give you loads of advice no problems there its stopping it thats the problem

Yes, welcome MrB. :grouphug:

The only other problem as HP may be alluding to is that different beeks have different ideas, so its really a case at loking at the advice/suggestions and seeing what you think will work best for you/your hives.

try reading a few books as well! Ted Hooper, 'guide to bees and honey', is a definate 'must read' book. after reading this you might decide to go for a 'commercial' hive, with national supers, and top bee space! good luck with whichever you choose, there will be plenty of options, that's for sure! ;)
Interesting choice Tonybloke, ......... what's wrong with commercial supers ? (genuine newbeek enquiry). :confused:
Thanks guys for your quick replies!
And tonybloke, I have got and read every page of the book you mention and infact i have also thought about a comercial hive.
Am i right in thinking that with more hive space, the bee's are less likely to swarm??
I run commercial brood with national supers too. the commercial supers are just too heavy to handle - plus I converted from all national so had the supers anyway - grin - Mike
Ok MJBee, fair enough ........... although, if you had Nat in the first place, why didn't you go to 14x12 ? you would get very slightly more brood area, and you would only need a cheap eke instead of a new bb ? and you could use frame extenders, but personally I would change the frames.

MrB I've used Fragile Planet. I got good prices, a generous amount of support when selecting items and prompt delivery.

P.S. Welcome!

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