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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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I have a meeting on monday with someone who wants me to keep bees on their land. The land is being turned into a small nature project. It is fenced all the way round and has good access. So things are looking up for me this season. I will post some pictures of the site when i take some on monday.
Ok managed to get to my new site today so here are some pics.




Will have to do a bit of clearing up. Took a compass with me as well and the fronts of the hives will get sun on them from morning till amout mid day and then they will get some shade from the high wall. There will be enough air movement as the site is high up. Had a look around and there is a small stream running through the site. So come on spring time.
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That site looks interesting,whats the brickwork all about?
It is an old iron works, the place on the site I had hoped for is going to be used for archaeology. So I will take what I can get at the moment. There is another possible place on the site but that would be in full view of the local kids.If you look at the second picture the sun rises straight in front then goes over head. So there will be enough sunlight to warm them up. I had a look around there last year and there was plenty of sun getting through.
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Looks good Veg! Good luck with the clearing, dont forget to take some piccys along the way and with the Ladies in situ!
Just check history of that stream - has it ever flooded- and could a block further down cause it to in storm rainfall- sorry to be pessimistic- just a vivid imagination:ack2:

Very best of luck - I envy you the challenge. I am limited to hive numbers in my garden - neighbours haven't yet realised what is causing the spots on their windows and washing:svengo: Daren't push my luck....
The stream is not a problem it has a well worn water course and will be handy for the bees for drinking. I am now starting to collect some pallets to make some hive stands. These will be driven into the ground so they are stable and will then give me something secure to ratchet strap the hives to.
We normally use the hive straps rather than ratchet straps for fastening down. Have proven more durable we've found.

I have had ant trouble when put the hives on wooden pallets so changed them to be on concrete slabs - seems to have lessened the problem - just a thought.
looks nice veg:)

put the pallet on a tower;)
pallets are the way to go.when they rot throw them away,or burn them.
good luck on the new site.
I may use concrete slabs for a level base then make some hive stands out of the pallets and screw the stands to the slabs. I got so many ideas of how to do it my mind is on overtime :)
Its all part of the fun, setting up and making ready.
Good Luck with it.
Well i have ordered 2 nucs from a local source the queens are imported but they are a good price and he is only a few miles from me. Got my pallets arriving next week so i can make the stands and treat them. All i need now is a nice warm spring :)

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