National Nuc 8 x 4 sheet cutting guide.

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Jul 28, 2008
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I have some plans for making up National Nuc boxes,I want to get 3-4 cuts done by the timber company as they dont charge and it makes it easy for me to cross cut 4-5 strips at home.

Does anyone have any plans or ideas for getting the most ply from an 8 x 4 sheet ?
Hi Admin
Last winter /spring I made 16 three frame and 12 six frame national nucs.
I used a standard utility brood box costing £17.50 each and cut it into 2 for the 6 frame and 4 for the 3 frame nucs.
Then I bought an 18mm 8 x4 plywood sheet and had it cut into 46cm strips (lengthwise). I then cut these into 22.5cm pieces. You use these as the sides of the new nucs. One sheet gives 25 sides which makes 25 x 6 frame nucs or 17 x 3 frame nucs.
The roof was made from 12mm plywood sides and 6mm plywood top.
The floors and crown boards were made from old pallets I've pickup up
If you don't have all the necessary circular saws etc its alot easier starting with a ready made brood box.
Thanks Eyeman,I have managed to draw it out on paper.
I will transfer it to the computer and upload it for everyone.
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I have found this an excellent freeware program (upto 30 items on one sheet). Takes a little getting used to, but it can also manage any timber that you have available and can use offcuts produced from other jobs.

This should be available from most shareware sites. Just Google it.