my bees at it again!!!!!

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mark s

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Jun 9, 2009
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Isle Of Wight
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16 + 3nuc's
hi all
well 2.30 this afternoon my other hive swarmed


all over my hanging strawberry plants lol,i only had an old swing bin minus the lid to catch them in


so after a little while i had yet another colony too look ive gone from 1 hive at the start of april too 4 at the start of may
Crikey Mark, your selfless attempt to suffer as many swarms as possible so that the laws of probability state that no other forum member will suffer a swarming colony is generous in the extreme! Good job you had spare hives parts coming out of your ears. Given the weather and the fact the blighters didn't get far, I would suggest that expansion (however you achieved it!) is probably as constructive as it gets given weather and forage. Up in't cold nurth there is nuffink happening!
I wonder how many you will have by the end of the season
if only that were true rosti,i just wish they'd stop now as im slowly running out of gear.
hopefully im making all my mistakes in my first year and my second will be flawless lol:coolgleamA::coolgleamA:
but i doubt that is the case
Mark, the line between 'mistakes' and 'gaining experience' in this hobby is so fine I suspect you will be editing the re-write of Hoopers come October!

You do have something we clearly dont have up here -warmth, limited rain and rape in bloom (Poll: 8/10 bees who expressed a prefernece said they'd rather live down south)
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tis true rosti we are blessed with some fine weather here
hi jezd
i am now this hive that just swarmed was my only hive up too a week or so ago and i saw nothing in there was due to inspect again sat but went in last nite and they had made loads of supercedure cells
One or two maybe supercedure cells, Loads are usually swarm cells :gnorsi:.

John Wilkinson
Just called out to a 'swarm' :driving:- they were adamant .Lots of little bees

Yep- lovely little bumble bees in a pile of leaves. In their way for a building project so I carefully lifted nest in a complete unit and resettled under a hedge.

Note to myself. Ask How many bees in the 'swarm', shape of swarm, size of BEE.

But those people who called me out probably couldn't count anyway:beatdeadhorse5: They said it was quite low down- so I presumed it was in a small tree- Nope... it was under a paving slab- she failed to mention that.

Only benefit from that callout- I felt intelligent!!!
well done anyway,still a good job done saving the bumbles.
Won't be long before the calls to remove honey bee swarms that turn out to be wasps nests start.
or over here hornets:mad: especially as the Pompiers (fire men) will not deal with them unless they are attacking people:banghead:

Double bee suit and long range power spray insecticide needed.
guess wot? its happened again.the hive has just thrown out a cast and they have landed on my other strawberry hanging basket.
ive caught them and put them in a nice new hive in a nice new spot in the garden pics hopefully too follow
mark s you better start updating your (number of colonies) stat, what is it now 5 or 6 and counting :)
At this rate you will end up in the county press lol
Your experience with this colony reminds me of one i had last year, did you ever mention where you got these bees from ?
im just so glad that ive got good neighbours they have been very patient with my and my bees,i will have to make sure i keep them in honey for a while:svengo::svengo:
onge-ive got 4 very good colonies now and a nuc thats a bit weak to say the least there was a lovely young queen in there but not many house bees but fingers crossed ive sorted that situation out this evening:cheers2:
wightbees-dont say that please lol:svengo::svengo:
grizzly- no i never did mention where they came from ill ask him and see if he minds being reaveled
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