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Feb 18, 2010
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Hoping that my bees make it through this winter i am now thinking of what i want to do in this coming yr:rolleyes:
I am thinking along the lines of Queen rearing and would like to have a real good go at this. So based on 1 new queen i would need the following i think.
1 mini nuc mug of bees and of course a Queen or cell.
I have 2 mini nucs so i thought that could try 2 at a time.I was then thinking
that once the Queen has mated and the mini nuc gets a bit full i would move into a Nuc ,maybe with a dummy board in to help them along.
I know this is full of ifs and buts .But is this about right for my new plans ?
As for getting the new Queens or cells and only wanting about 3 or 4 at a time i need to find the best method for a small amount.
I did read in T Hooper book a few different ways and i think i will need to have another read.
Any thought please.

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