Moving hives 150ft as quick as possible!

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Dec 14, 2008
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East Yorkshire
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I need to move my hives to the other side of the garden as quick as possible.

I have no suitble places to take them more than 3 miles away, so am I stuck to 3ft per day?

I wanted to give bees to my buddy who lives a mile away and did the following:

I put them on OMF with sponge blocking the entrance and a feeder with weak syrup on, and then I shut them in the garage in the dark for 3 days. Then I took them to my bee buddy's. It worked. They didn't come back.

Worth a try?
I have found a location that is just under 3 miles away, and he is a fellow beekeeper.

How long (minimum time) would I need to leave them at this temporary location before I could move them to their new home at the other side of my garden?

I think I would still set up a bait hive or two in the old location in case they went back there.
I think if it had been a few days I might have considered it, but 3 to 4 weeks, I will leave them where they are and move them through AS or even wait until winter.

The good thing is I now have this new site, which will alow me to expand into. Main point is it is furthest away from the road/neighbours/people.


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