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May 24, 2009
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9 Medium Poly, mostly foundation-less. Some run as Warre TBH
Hi all

Would it be possible to move a couple of hives with omf without using a top screen?

As in stick 2 or 3 straps on it load it in a transit van (clear floor to allow air around) and do about 5 miles to a new site in the spring?

Seems like a lot of faffing around building a top frame of mesh if its not really needed for a short move.

Thanks for your input.
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Should be fine Onge,move them early in the morning if you can with a couple of battons under the hive so the omf can breath.
I have done 5-10 miles a few times without any problems,a "BEES ON BOARD" sign is handy to have when negotiating roundabouts.

Put the straps around the night before and give them a pinch next morning its easy to just nip them up rather than angle the hive to get the straps under the day of the move.

I use a bit of foam in the entrance put in late the evening before.

Maybe pop a branch infront of the hive so the bees know something is different(Although I never bother).

I buy my straps form Argos.
Thats good news.

Thanks for the tips :)
I would not bother if I were moving a hive 5 miles if it had a solid floor - need a breathable entrance block though. Just pick your time carefully - not when hot in a covered vehicle! But I don't live in the 'smoke'. That could make a difference!

So with an OMF it should not present any problem as the bees will create their own air flow as necessary.

If done at a hot time in a vehicle, just make a frame with a spare varroa floor mesh and spray the bees with water if necessary. I have used a varroah floor mesh trapped between the brood and an empty super in the past. Just that much heavier, but we shouldn't be doing it on our own - should we!

Regards, RAB
hi. move your bees in the night. close the entrance with strip of foam as soon as the bees stop flying,load up and move, open foam on new site as soon as unloaded. bees will not fly in quantity until it is light enough,this is standard way for moving bees to pollination, short distances,be cause it is night temperature not a problem regards jim
why wait till spring, do it now if you can, if i move mine in the spring, i do till after sundown as its cooler and they have the rest of the night to calm down.

i leave my omf on and dont worry about a traveling screen, as i do night moves, its cooler for the bees and me, less traffic, i leave the car windows open so the car has cool air cir.. around the hives.


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