Mix of DN1 and DN4 frames in brood box - bees not drawing foundation.

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Apr 15, 2009
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Hi all,

I recently transferred (7 days ago) a very active and healthy nuc on standard frames to a brood box and filled the remaining space with Hoffman frames, as that's what I'd like to use across all of my hives.

The way the frames were placed in the box from 'left to right' was: 1 x DN4 frame of foundation - 5 x DN1s (the nuc) - 4 x DN4 frames of foundation

For some reason the bees don't seem to be interested in drawing out the Hoffman frames, but have built brace comb (I think) both above and below the standard frames, connecting three of the standard frames to the crown board!

Because of the thickness of some of the drawm comb that they came on I'm not sure that I can get the spacing between the frames exactly how they would like and one or two plastic spacers on the standard frames are missing.

Is there anything that I can do to alleviate this problem as I'd very much like to get them drawing out and spreading across on the Hoffmans as they're very prolific by nature it appears?

I had one colony with this annoying habit. I just kept taking off the brace comb and moving the frames within the box, so the undrawn ones and the drawn ones were next to each other, but without splitting the brood nest. Rotated the frames every week. I put the brace comb with stores in above the crown board for them to get the stores out. Not sure if there is an easier way.
If hive is planning swarming, is often do not draw fundations.

* if they cannot keep warm the space
* you you have not nectar flow for weathers.