Method for combining a Nuc with a queenless hive.

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I've done this. I used 1:1 syrup with a few drops of peppermint essential oil (use a hand blender to mix it properly), sprayed both sides of each frame with it and interleaved the frames. Had no problems, as far as I could tell.
David A. Cushman's site mentions using a bottle of water with a fox's glacier mint dissolved in it for the same purpose.
I have a nuc in a different apiary to the Q- colony. So do I close the nuc in the evening and take it to the other apiary next day and join with Q- colony?
Nevermind! I have sprayed the bees in the Q- colony and the Q+ nuc with sugar syrup and put the frames in the upper BB. Bees seem to be calm and licking the syrup of each other no fight at all. I am hopeful they will be fine in a few days when I check on them.