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Metal frame wanted for a cold uncapping tray

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Feb 20, 2009
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Northern Ireland
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Does anybody know where I can get a metal frame holder from? I am looking for something similar to the one thornes sell with their cold uncapping tray but just looking for the metal frame. Thanks.
I got a quote from thornes just for the simple metal frame. They wanted £45 and then postage so I reckon I will do without. Far too pricey.
Can you not copy what they have got and make something similar? (I don't know what one looks like, Is it very complicated?)
They charge about £90 for the complete uncapping tray with frame holder. I have just bought the two trays which make up the cold uncapping tray for £15 so a total of £30 including postage to NI. Quite a saving. Couple of quid for a honey tap, or do I even need it. The frame holder would be handy but not essential and not worth £45 so I will try and make one or adapt something or failing that do without.
Find your local welder. Sorted.

I found a stainless steel company and got them to make my 500 lb tank and so on. Very cheap. And coned to my spec so it d**n well worked.


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