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Dec 4, 2008
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I firmly believe that a good mentor is invaluable.

I was very lucky to have had some excellent ones. Mine were B. Mobus, now sadly gone, and a very good Beefarmer who was then running 500 boxes. To repay them all I can do is to offer my mentoring, (such as it might be) to others.

If you are with in an hours drive of Castle Donington I am available. I am also available on the phone.

Anyone else on the forum willing to offer their services?

I think even just having someone to phone is helpful!

I got my bees on the 7th and have had several phone calls with the person I got them from.

I do try not to phone too much! I tend to store up my small questions and make a call after I have been in the box.
I've got two...........and as with all things beekeeping I can ask them both the same question and get two different answers, although often not so different. One of them lives withing 2 miles of me and one within 200 so sometimes the different answers reflects the difference in areas.

When I started both of them gave me a nuc and the distant one has also given me several National hives.

Although I barely know what I am doing myself :) I am mentoring a potential new beek................eek.

Can we start another thread to discuss postings and keep this one for mentoring please?

Getting back to the thread title

I for one had a very good mentor from my association without whom i would have felt a bit out of my depth at times. I learnt a lot from him and still have a lot to learn. It is nice to know that I can pick up the phone or e-mail and get a prompt answer. With my limited knowlege I am now helping out at hands on sessions at our club apiary.
I'm in Boston so am just out of the hour mark but thanks for the offer. Distinct lack of beeks round here and thats why I joined Sleaford BKA rather than Boston. The email is circulating the contacts to find the mentor!!! :cool:
I am about to get a mentee. Don't laugh... I know I have a lot to learn myself! I have been thinking about what the priorites are to for the mentee. I thought;
timetable of bee development
how to recognise different types of (normal) brood
how to handle the boxes and frames and hive tool and smoker
safety issues for beek and others??

What else would you put on the list of things that are important to learn early??
Funny. It is a real word honest. What is your advice Frisbee?
Oh I'm sure it's a real word..........:)

My advice?..........on what to teach a beginner first?

Depends how much they already know. I'd read so much before I went on my course that some of the questions others on the course were asking I could answer, and reading some of the questions by new beeks on here I think they ought to do some reading first (it's the same on the poultrykeepers forum too, somebody on there the other day said they were incubationg some eggs and were they going to be 100% female :confused:)
But to answer the question - basics first, hive part names, how it all works, life cycle of the honey bee + drones, importance of queen. I mean it's no good taking them to look at yours if you say to them "pass me that super" or "see how they've drawn out this foundation" if they don't know what you're on about. I'm helping to teach people to dance every week and you wouldn't believe how many of the don't step with the beat, or realise how important it without appearing patronising assume your mentee knows nothing and go from there :cheers2:

(it's the same on the poultrykeepers forum too, somebody on there the other day said they were incubationg some eggs and were they going to be 100% female :confused:)

Are they not mixing it up with reptiles (alligators / crocodiles)?:svengo:

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