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Apr 14, 2009
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I would like someone to mentor me please

I live in very West Yorkshire, so even East Lancashire would be close, if we can get over the Roses issue! :)

I am a complete beginner, with no bees. The local association beginners course is full for this year. I do not have the room to put hives in my back garden and would not with a two year old about, so I do not have a site or hives with which to start. So some help with site location would also be a boon.

I feel all this is secondary if I do not have the experience or practice of handling bees. Maybe I can help out with someone else's bees until I have the confidence to stride out on my own. I do feel that I have missed the opportunity to start my own hives this year.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Craig,
I'm in Rochdale if thats any good to you.I'm waiting for some new bees as they did't do well over winter.Send me a P.M
You want a mentor and you have no experience or done a course. How about re-phrasing your view of the world to "willing apprentice, seeks busy bee/honey farmer to assist in return for on the job training". Can offer 1 or 2 days a week, Saturdays preferred".

What a way to spend the summer. It's a bit of a commitment, but so is keeping your own bees.
The experience you get will be priceless and will quickly far exceed that of opening three hives of your own for a year. The range of various apiaries will show a wide spectrum of development. Your labour will be appreciated and natural discussions will make you very enlightened.

If you make a hive and put it in your garden with a bit of old comb, it will make a very nice feature and if bees move in you will be a winner. I would put it well beyond the reach of your 2 year old against the day that it might become occupied. The construction will focus your mind about the critical dimensions/clearances for bee space. So all in all, you will be a beekeeper with a hive of your own and who knows, if you get a swarm, your mentor/employer might agree to host your hive on one of his apiaries for you. You would be constrained to fitting in with his/her schedules, but it could work out OK, particularly if it wasn't too distant for you.

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