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Mated Queens for sale - Kent

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Nov 11, 2008
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5 Mated Queens, £25 each.

Having completed a recent Queen raising course I have raised 5 queens from a prolific queen, with good temperament, quite on the comb.

All queens are currently laying in Apideas and can either be collected from Faversham, Kent or posted (UK only) in Butler cages.

PM for further details.

I will have a further 4 queens ready within the next few weeks.

Well done Scott,nice to see someone has uk queens on offer..

Did you see the posts from a few days back,a couple of members asking for uk bred queens ?
Thanks, no i didn't I will have a look now. It was a brilliant course run by Bob Smith, Medway association, former RBI and highly recommend the course. I believe it is being run again 2010 by Bob next year (not sure on availiability) but would suggest if someone is thinking of going on a queen raising course do it!
It was a brilliant course, really enjoyed it!

The Queens we've raised are from my favourite colony - beautiful liquid amber Queens who are quiet and prolific - hardly any smoke used when opening, Im so, so pleased how theyve turned out!!!
Hello Gandalf Do you still have a mated Queen for sale, if so what type is she? I think I have lost my queen
Hi RosieMc,

Yes, to answer your question I do still have queens for sale.
I have had several enquiries since posting and will have a further four queens ready in a couple of weeks as they are waiting to be mated in Apideas should have emerged today fingers crossed.
Q. Why do you *think* you are queenless? No eggs? not seen the queen?
Obviously I am more than happy to send a queen if you need to buy one PM for details.
Hello Gandalf

Phew - thank goodness someone has a Queen. I only started bee keeping a couple of months ago after going on a short course. One of the other people (T) on the course was given a couple of frames which multiplied FAST. He then gave me a couple of his frames on the 13 July 09 with 2 Queen cells on. I looked on the 17 July when both Queen cells had hatched. But no sign of Queens or any drones. I've looked every other day - nothing, no Queen, no drones.

The weird thing is T and I looked on 5 Aug and we spotted 3 worker bees with Tipex on (he had just marked his Queen with Tipex and got some on some of the workers) and at least a couple of drones. T lives about 3 miles away. I now have about 2 packed frames of extremely busy bees plus they are building comb on 2 of the adjacent frames.

The above gives me a bit more hope as I now have a couple of drones, but no sign of a Queen. Help!!!! Think this must be another string with my tail. I will try on do this, but I am a bit on a computer dummy ...
Blimey Rosie, whats going on?!

do you have anyone with a bit more experience that can inspect your bees with you, to see if there is a Q in there or not? Are there any eggs being laid??

Trying not to go off the thread but if you had q/c's you may have a virgin queen and therefore won't see any eggs for sometime yet..providing she gets mated and the weather is good. It could be that the other q/c was taken down by the colony or the emerged queen killed off the second q/c. I agree with Widdershins find a local beek to inspect your colony or a kind beek give you a frame of eggs to see what is going on. By the way I sent you PM.
Due to the high demand all of this batch of queens has now sold.
However, I will hopefully have a further batch of new mated queens ready in a few weeks time currently in Apideas.
If anyone would like to reserve a queen please feel free to PM me.
Hi Gandalf,
I was lucky enough to get one of these queens, Gandalf phoned me to sort out details etc, but when I got her he called again to explain things in a bit more detail, the marking went very smoothly, she is everything he said she would be i.e. placid and very easy to handle, as were the attendants with her, pity they wouldn't have been accepted in the hive.
Thanks again Gandalf.
By the way, when I was marking her I put her on a sheet of foundation, not once did she try flying to the window, the attendants were the same, I would suggest other new beeks to try this, it does seem to calm or keep them calm, another thing I learned, don't mark them with acrylic paint, it comes off when it is dry, I had to mark her again today.
I bought green marking paint at 83p from Thornes and practiced clipping and marking on a couple of drones.
I dumped them on the top of a roof and wondered where they would next appear. One of them I found in front of it's own hive the next day and noticed that the paint had largely disappeared. I didn't release the marked drones until the paint was well and truly dry.

Does anyone know if the Thornes product acrylic or have any similar experience with the specific product?
Try using the below website these pens are ideal for marking queens and they don't rub off.

posca pens from www.cultpens.com medium pen £2.43 free delivery orders over £10.

We use Uni posca for best results shake very well and let it dry on the queen for a few min.
My two Queens arrived from Gandalfwhitewizard [Scott] today well packed and in rude health !
A very nice chap to deal with highly recommended !!:)

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