Many going to the National Honey Show?

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I'm going for the 3 days with my better half ,and have entered in the confectionery class ,first year so no honey .looking forward to the lectures,I am interested in the checkerboard method of swarm prevention so that will be interesting I hope. Also looking for some bargains well hope it is cheaper ,save on delivery costs anyway
Thursday and Friday for us. My wife’s doing a couple of workshops so to keep me occupied, I signed up for the mead making one.
I'm there on Saturday.. .. looking forward to hearing Mike Palmer talk again... he has lots of good stuff he shares as well as his contributions on here ! Perhaps a forum meet up around lunchtime for those going to be there on Saturday...put some faces to the names ? Suggestions for a time and where to get together ?
All 3 days for me.
Philip, I’ve met other Forumites in the cafe in the past. Just organise a time and I’ll be there.
I would have liked to but unfortunately I can't go because I'm a northener and it's in London.
I'm the old, fat, balding, silver haired bloke with glasses looking like he doesn't know where he is or what he's doing. I'm easily recognisable .. I'll be there in the cafe at noon on Saturday...