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May 12, 2009
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Maybe not the correct location for this story but it made me smile as I really do hate to lose good kit. About 10 weeks ago I had spending spree on new items including the queen trap (crown of thorns type). Anyway short version is it got lost on its first use, that along with my only hive tool - this is despite everyone telling me to be careful and me telling them to ***s off. The location for this loss was the next problem, they had vanished in an acre of field, hives in 2 locations and the grass pretty deep. Over the next week and by chance I found the hive tool that had fallen down through the pallets that I use as stands - this is a drawback with pallets, but the queen trap was lost forever. I even spent time with a metal detector looking for it and also took my worst string to date in my ear!!!! not funny and a YouTube moment if ever there was one.

Anyway, after 10 weeks looking and grass now up to my waist I finally gave up the search for this 2" diameter trap in over an acre of field. My order for 2 new replacements arrived last Friday and all was fine again.......but on returning from the hives on Saturday morning you will never guess what was then impaled on one welly, yes it was!!!!

Perfect condition too but the welly now has a few holes in it – I still hate loosing good kit.

Any other 'lost and found' stories like this?

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