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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Looked at my out apiary yesterday and someone had tipped one of my hives over. Lucky it was ratchet strapped to the stand as it all stayed together but was on its back. The bees were ok going about their business, but i now have doubts about the site. I just hope its a one off. :mad:
Definately the area is fenced right the way round no livestock anywhere near.The brackets i had holding the stand to the slabs were bent right back with the wrawl plugs pulled out. I now have another idea for fixing stands to the slabs. By the looks they must have run up tipped it over and legged it. These bees are gentle so you can walk up to the hives. I may have to put my evil bees down there.
It may of been the wind.
If anyone tipped it over, They would of done it from the back.
So the hive should of been laying on it's front.
Just make sure the ratchet strap is always on tight.
You maybe need two straps to be sure.
Now that they know the hives are there it will be like a game for them.
You should report the incident to the police because if one of the wee ba*****s gets stung badly the next thing his parents will be trying to sue you.
I hope they do get stung maybe they will leave them alone then :toetap05:
Definitely put your evil bees there - that will teach the little darlin's a lesson!! Ha ha ha!!
Punji sticks come to mind. Put up a very short bit of bamboo fence and don't be too careful with the sharp bits that fall and lodge in the grass for the unwary.

PS don't step back unwisely.
evil bees have there uses just make sure there is no rachet strap so they get realy upset. but sorry to say but once they start they never stop. i had an apairy near a pub the local drunks used to prove thier manly ness by seeing how long they could hold the hive above there heads for, i changed the hive to a special one and they never did it again
"I changed the hive to a special one" has me intrigued!
I have an image of some drunk yoof holding a hive above his head with a wig of bees :cheers2:
Come on Pete you have to tell us how the hive was a special one!!!!
Why am I suddenly getting an image of a certain football manager in my head?....i think i have been working too hard.......
the hive was designed to fall apart what i did was tie a rope to the floor slab and to the side of the drood as he lifted it, it folded up in his arms. just imagine the look on his face , the whole lot in bits and him holding onto the brood frames of some of the nastiest bees i have ever kept evan i had to requeen them after that night they were getting to rough for me

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