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Nov 9, 2008
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Hi folks,

I bought some silver lime (linden tree) seeds recently to plant for their high yields of nectar.

However, upon research it seems that bumblees are killed or stupefied by the nectar or something.

I trust that it does not have the same effect on honey bees?
I wanted to gauge beekeepers' opinions on how ethical it would be for me to plant these for nectar for my bees, knowing that it can allegedly kill bumbles.
I am undecided.
Tilia cordata & tilia platyphyllos are fine for ALL bees and under the right conditions give excellent flows.

T.oliveri , T. euchora, T. tomentosa, and T. dasystila are the ones considered poisonous for bumbles.

Lime is always my main flow. The honey is delicious, and crystallizes very slowly.And the bumbles love it too and don't drop. And the butterflies.
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