Life Cycle of the Honeybee and Varroa Mite

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Thanks Veg, as you say a very good video. I was surprised by the very low survival rate of 1.1 mites reaching maturity per breeding cycle. I must look up how many breeding cycles a female can achieve.
Unfortunately no suggestions on how to disrupt this cycle.
:cheers2: Mike

That is an exelent vidio, as a newbe are there any more ?

Dave W

Super piece of technical excellence. Very interesting to actually see it all developing.

But do we need to know all that? The answer is no. All we need to know is that they are a problem, we need to keep top side of them to prevent colonies going down-hill towards collapse, and how to do that. There lies the problem.

So, nice video but unless beeks realise the damage the mite can and will do to a colony, it won't help us keep our colonies healthy.

Regards, RAB
Watching the video will make people aware of what goes on. If its of no use to you fine but it is of interest to others. :svengo:

regards VEG
I found it very interesting too. And o90o I disagree, the better you know your enemy the more chance you will have in formulating successful strategies and methods in defeating him. Or her.


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