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Jan 22, 2009
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Newton Abbot Devon
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I decided to have a look in my two hives this evening as not been able to check them for about a week mainly due to the grotty weather.I was advised to check them in case they were short on supplies.Any way, lifted the roof on the first hive,masses of bees,but not feisty. As they are being inspected this sunday by an experienced bee keeper, i decided not to lift the crown board and just pop a rapid feeder on. So far,so good. I should add at this point,i was not using a smoker,as i thought just popping of the roofs i would not need one. I then lifted the roof on the second hive,well, i can only describe it as like a saucepan of hot milk boiling over. It seemed like thousands of bees all over the place. Nerves started to kick in, bees flying around my veil,i walked away for a couple of minutes. I had a few followers around me but needed a minute to think. I thought the best course of action was to pop the feeder on, and close up the hive asap.Only problem was i think,or should i say knew, was that i crushed some bees under the edge of the roof as they were still boiling over.
I think i learnt a lesson tonight that never to go unprepared,thinking a smoker wouldnt be needed and always expect the unexpected.
I've found that with my bees, they don't like the smoker, the buzzing changes note quite alarmingly. However it is always to hand just in case.

In my first year and once this year i removed a roof without having a smoker with me, all i can say is "always" have a lit smoker to hand and just let the bees know you are there with a bit of a puff.

If you push your luck, law of averages states, at some point you will get hammered.

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