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Apr 16, 2009
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uk, Abingdon
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are all the people here already feeding and treating hives with apiguard ?
i placed my apiguard trays in last Saturday and at the moment not giving them any feed ( fed 6 kg of sugar over few weeks each hive). It seems to me there is a good ivy flow because bees are taking loads of yellow pollen in. I got one Double BB, three single BB and two BB + super hives to overwinter.
I am not worried so much about the double BB and BB+ super ones but single BB don't have much room there, they got loads of syrup, ivy is coming in and some brood needs to be reared.. should i give them more or should i wait and see.
Is there still time to process the syrup if i leave the feeding for little later?

Hope it makes sense,

I would consider the overall situation. Swap frames between hives, if confident of their health, later. Your problems are miniscule compared with those with many fewer hives (like only one or two!).

If the double BB and brood and supers are full, you have no problem at all. If they are not, I would aim to get them full first, then relax a little.

Regards, RAB

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