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Mar 20, 2009
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"Oh Cock", I've killed the queen.
Had an hive that was queenless but with a queencell ready to hatch 3 or 4 days ago, today doing inspection of my hives i thought that i'd just check to see if she had emerged, the cell was still complete and the bees seem to be building on top off it, with the colony now seeming doomed as theres no eggs or lava i began to remove some excessive drone cells, upon checking the cells later i noticed some brood were emerging, one of which turned out to be a queen which had been buried amonst the drone cells, she was topling over as her legs on one side hadn't developed proper so i thought best thing to do was squish her, now completly queenless, any ideas what to do now with this colony.
I have three other hives 2 which where swarms from this hive and the other that i've just requeened with a small nuc so all in early stages of build up.
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Still early enough,
give the colony a frame of brood/eggs, leave them alone to get on with rearing their own Queen. Take the frame from the colony that you prefer the behaviour of :).

John Wilkinson
Another way is that if you have other hives quite small, join the queenless hive to them. Buy laying queen later and make a nuc. Otherwise the hive is too long without laying and no progress.

Too, you may get a swarm and it to queenless hive.

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