Just bought a rotovator I can recommend

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Dec 14, 2008
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East Yorkshire
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Hi All

Before I start I must state I am not on some sales pitch (i.e Omlet etc), or working on commission, but I would like to recommend a rotovator I have just bought.


I bought the 4 stroke one, and I have to say it is the best rotovator I have ever used.
And here's me stuck in the dark ages with me old merry tillers.
Never mind, i love all old machinery anyway,would love to get hold of a field marshall tractor some day,when i get more time.
I swapped my Ferguson TE20 for a brand new Dawes Galaxy Tandem (built in Brum) in 1989. I've still got it in mint condition but it's crap for ploughing.

I used to have a Dawes Galaxy,with Reynolds 531 double butted tubing,only a single seater though.

I often have a little look on Fleabay to see whats for sale.

This is the 2009 model,only £1,500
Nice bike Admin,

I'm hoping Fris will find my tandem irresistable :)

You and Fris going to try ploughing with it.
I'm with Hivemaker on Merry Tillers. I've got my father's old one which he bought in 1961 or thereabouts, so nearly 50 years old. Apart from changing the bottom bearings and oil seals it is still going strong. Also a testament to Briggs and Stratton I guess.
Not much to go wrong with them,clean the points and away they go usually.
And still sell for a couple of hundred pounds.
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Why are you kinda short,perhaps you need a mounting block:laughing-smiley-014:laughing-smiley-014
well at least with a tandem you know who's coming up behind :ack2:
maybe a bit stiff these days

Just joints he's talking about here.................

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Hmmm, .... just 'old' now (after your edit) ............. ' think I preferred 'gits' :)