Is there an easy way to clean wax off pans etc?

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Sep 26, 2010
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I have a lovely block of wax but I have also made a bloody awful mess! My husband is not amused. Is there an easy way of getting the wax off the strainer and pan I used to melt it? He tried to wash everything and it didnt exactly help!:redface:
Best buy some new pans and keep the old ones for melting wax.
I kind of expected that answer but I was hoping there might be something i can do. I have fed the lot back to the bees in the past but I thought it might be fun to use the wax this year. Oh dear
Put kettle on make abrew half of hot water pour onto strainer, add sugar to brew,pour rest of hot water into pan, stick pan on cooker on high heat, add milk to brew sit down drink brew thinking about how well the wax is send husband to empty pan of hot water finish brew thank husband for sorting pan out den bollock husband for forgeting to turn cooker off equal score

Heat pan or utensil (not direct heat on wax which assumes that wax isn't on the outside - otherwise it will burn with a very pretty flame and be difficult to extinguish!) until wax is fluid, then plunge the whole thing into cold water.

Wax solidifies and floats.

Next problem, remove wax from sink....
I generally find that the best approach is to pour a generous G&T, and then to delegate the rest of the job to Lady DD - I hardly even work up a sweat!
Just assign that pan to general wax duty and buy another- swearing never to use another pan for wax again :redface: I have two assigned now.
But since I converted a burco boiler to reclaiming wax aka PH's design- :hurray:I have 2 pans that are residing in a shed- discreetly hidden away.....
I use our normal pans and cleaning is easy.
Warm up till wax melts. Pour off any liquid you can.

Take kitchen paper towels and rub pan. Repeat with cleaner towels.

Then warm pan lightly, add Fairey # washingup up liquid neat, brush gently, immerse in bowl of hot water.. Brush gently.

Dry with another dry paper towel to remove wax residues.


# We use Fairey cos it's cheaper per wash.. But Morrisons Value washing up liquid -37p for 500ml- works just as well...
Everything is clean and shiny again thanks to some warm vegetable oil ( to soften the wax) and rather a lot of washing up liquid and kitchen roll. My husband is speaking to me again.
ditto madasafish, I put in warm water with added washing powder and use one of those green wiry pads.

Soaking in 'soda crystals' dissolved as per directions cleans built-up propolis from rubber gloves.

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