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Nov 7, 2008
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Found this web site for selling Birds...the feathered kind.

Wonder why it hasnt been thought of for bees?

There are zero auctions on the site,it looks like spam to me.
They have keyword's stuffed at the bottom,stolen twitter graphics and used the ebay name.
Link removed..
If anyone wants to visit the site its
What about ********?

It won't post the link but it's similar site for bee things.
er, due to the asterisks, i havent a clue what you're on about!!! :confused:

I havent spammed the forum, if it looks like i have, then i apologise - not intentional
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Just checked and both and domains are both taken. Pity.
How about ebeebay . co . uk, it's not taken. :)
The electronic bee version :)
Not a good idea to have an auction site with Bay on the end of the domain. ?
You could kill two birds with one stone selling birds and bees,(cheap cheap+birds).

Typing in Google "birds and bees" whold bring you some strange traffic though :)

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