inspected today, loads of stores....not much brood

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clare p

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Jul 12, 2009
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East Sussex
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1 new Nuc and a swarm caught on the 10th July
Well looks like I didnt get the balance right.......
have finished the apiguard, fed throughout and now there are only small patches of brood on 4 out of the 8 full frames in the bb of my wbc the rest of it appears to be mainly capped stores, I have been feeding syrup through the rapid feeder over the last few weeks and the bees have been frantically busy coming back with pollen in the good weather we have been having in Sussex.
What to do now? hold off feeding for a bit or is it getting late for them to clear some space?
At least I know that if I have any winter bees they won't starve!!
Better check the July swarm in the national at my parents tomorrow!

I would stop feeding and allow the bees to sort out the stores they have. Re-evaluate again in 2 weeks re brood situation.
Think it might be regional Clare, as mine have done mucch the same and I have hardly fed at all, just half a bucket...

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