I will start the REAL Xmas thread at the proper time

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In that case I shall ban hogmanay from the forum.

Bl**dy foreigner's :laughing-smiley-004

And there was me thinking you Hotel owners started flogging us Turkey and tinsel dinners in August?
24th December. ;)


Hear, hear!

Christmas Eve is when the tree & deccies go up in the Melbourne household. Not a day earlier. And the tree isn't lit until after midnight mass.

But then .... wahey for a merry Christmas!

I would love to see the risk assesment on those balls of fire lol
Actually... there is a wee story here...

The council, Aberdeenshire, wanted to ban the Fireballs for safety reasons and cost... ie men on duty to remove the crowd barriers..

So the swingers formed a guild and looked for another source of insurance duly and happily provided by Zurich as there had been never a problem for more years than anyone can remember.


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