How widespread is Acarine

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Hi John,
Can you please explain that
I suspect I saw quite a lot of Acarine around other apiaries in 2009
as this disease is of the air tubules in the thorax, it can only bee discovered by a microsomal examination, So what made you think it was Acarine that you saw. Hoping your not getting the diseases mixed up mate.

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I believe acarine is now quite rare in the UK. I used to believe this was because varroa treatments killed off the mites. However, I was told this week this is not true as there is still a lot of acarine in Ireland and they use simliar varroa treatments to us. If this is the case it must be due to resistance. Perhaps they have more native bees in Ireland...
I thought acarine has become quite rare since everyone's bee treating for varroa with stuff that kills acarine too
Crawling bees ,split wings etc.Could be paralysis or nosema etc ??.Not sure.Ex plain how varroa treatment kills acarine when its in the trachaea of the bees ?.
thymol and formic vapours kill acarine and also the fluvalinates killem. just because their hiding in trachea doesnt meen their immune to gas. Possibly acarine escapes oxalic trickle but I'dthink vapourizing oxalic would also kill acarine mites(I've no evidence so thats conjecture)
I dont use sublimated OA only trickle,so no vapours.The old Folbex smouldered and produced "medicated" smoke.Call me a coward but I dont fancy contact with OA vapour or dust when I next examine the hive.I don't believe the interior frames etc are uncontaminated with the stuff and as I always handle my bees barehanded I can't fail to contact the residue.SO begs the question what else other than OA will control acarine?
diagnose acarine before thinking about a specific treatment for it, crawling bees and split wings could be a number of things. I've got a cheap jewelers eyeglass in the truck and itspretty good for quickly looking at theyr pipes in the field
Towards the end of the season I would say dying bees with split wings would be old foragers,any time before late season it could be Verroa.

ok it could be Acarine but I would not be concerned it was as the % chance is low in the uk.