How not to capture a swarm!!!!

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Drone Bee
Nov 14, 2008
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Warboys, CAMBS
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Hi members,
Had a call from the police this afternoon 090710 and was asked to collect a swarm from a tree that they considered a danger to the public. So of I go with my skep ect. and sure enough there is a swarm in a cherry tree.No real problems as it was a nice big prime swarm. Dumped them into the skep and duely turned the skep upside down on the board with a sheet they went and in about 10 mins. later they all came swarming out, the skep emptied in 30 seconds flat. off they went into the next door s pergoda, so i pop next door and carry out the same proceedure. All the time i have four police officers standing around waiting till I finish. Right all in the skep this time great. Again in 39 seconds they all flew out from the skep yes you have guessed it in to the next door neighbours garden and this time on to an apple tree. So I plods round there and start over again. this time it was a success they stayed in the skep and allowed me to collect them once all the flying had finished for the day. If tat first you don't succeed then try and try again.


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