how do i do it?

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Jan 8, 2009
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hi all, i hope you can help,
i am thinking of starting with bees, what do i need? i will go on a bee keeping course but in the mean time i want to look for hives etc.. where is best to look and, where would i get the bees from?
thanks for any advise, comments and help...
hi hen

first things first, whereabouts in the country are you.
Hi Hen

No point in looking for bees and hives yet until you have got yourself on a course, differnt hive types and acquiring bees can all be explained then.

You should also get the chance to look in some hives with bees in before you take the plunge and start buying kit.

If you tell us were you are, we can point you in the direction of a local association/courses.

Regards Ian
I am in northampton (well a little outside)
so where would you recomend i go?

hi hen and welcome to the a newbee too, next season will be my first....3 hives 0 bees atm..

get a good book first would be the advice i'd to which say either bees in the backyard or beekeeping for dummies
thanks guys, i have e mailed northantsbees as they are only 20 mins away from me! hopefully be on a course soon.
hi hen,

if i were you i would call them on the phone, some associations don't respond all that quickly using new fangled methods like the internet.
I am in northampton (well a little outside)
so where would you recomend i go?

Hi Hen,welcome to the forum,I am building a list of courses for beginners for 2009.
The nearest to you looks to be this one starting in a couple of weeks:

The Abbey Centre
Saturday 24th January 2009 for 11 sessions
10.00am - 12 noon
Course details: Eight theory sessions, two practical sessions when the weather is suitable. One extra session for making up a personal hive for those interested.
Margaret Holland
01327 857328

[email protected]
Hi Hen,
I am also a newbee (last year) and a member of Northants bees. They are a very good association with lots of support when you do get your bees. The training is very worthwhile and gives you an excellent start to beekeeping.
They also run a subsidised scheme for your first hive and attempt to supply all new beekeepers with a nuc (bees) at a very reasonable cost (approx £40-45) depending on availability. Give Margaret Holland 01327 857328 a ring as the course does start soon.

thats the one i found:) i will ring them tomorrow and see if there are any spaces left. Thank you so much for all your replies i'm sure i will have loads of questions for you. x
hurray i'm going on the course, thanks guys

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