How are your wearthers now?

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Nov 8, 2008
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Finland, Helsinki
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In Finland we have exceptionally warm. Snow cover is thin. Lack of snow means that spring comes too early and often early wake up of plants makes buttons and flowers frozen.

Another thing what I have followed is Cyprus rains. How is it Norton? Have you got rain enough this winter?
Finman, we have had 2" rain in 3 days here- in my garden I have a 30' pond where it should be dry!! 2 hives have legs in the pond but the bees are safe.
The forecast is more rain and cold - a long winter this year. :(
It is very cold here and we have had snow showers and frost.

As I suspected Winter is not over yet, and spring feeding should definitely be on hold.

The gales and heavy rain we had here today actually made the UK news. We had wind speeds up to 80mph and have had 83mm/3.32" of rain in the last 60 hours. My hives, like Heather's are up on blocks in the middle of a mini lake. They are strapped AND have concrete blocks on top.
So far safe and sound but winter is definitely not over yet:(
Regards Mike

PS biggest problem here is combination of rain and wind - rain softens the ground and the wind blows the trees down!!
Yes, we have had more rain this winter than 2007-2008. But the situation is still very serious with dam capacity at around 2% only. Permanent damage ( up to 95% in some areas) has been caused to traditional bee plants like lavender and thyme. In some areas 80% of the pine trees have died.
Best regards

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