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Jul 21, 2009
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Pocklington, Yorks, UK
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I was staying at a hotel abroad a few months ago and in the breakfast dining room they had a stainless steel honey dispenser.

It was approx 16" tall and must have held approx a litre of honey. It had a lever operated pump with a drip tray underneath, meaning you could put your plate/bowl underneath and by depressing the lever get a shot or two of honey with minimal mess/drips.

Does anyone know where I can buy one of these (or something similar) in the UK ? I love to have one in the kitchen, rather than mess around with jars and spoons.
i think they do somethink like that at thrones.
On line, new products. Looks like a cheap plastic alternative. Get a suitable large soap dispenser? And don't leave it in a warm place with granulating honey......

(A drizzle is just as effective and much cheaper, if just a tad slower!)

Regards, RAB
Thanks for the info.

It's half way to what I'm after, but someone must sell a decent stainless steel catering grade dispenser like the one I saw?
Hi SD, you wouldn't be looking for the model that fits on the end of the hive would you? :biggrinjester:

Good luck in your quest. A lot of your future customers and an uncanny number of your friends will be convinced about the hive mounted one. If you ever went to a show with a WBC hive and a stainless steel dispenser somehow mounted on the back there are souls out there who wouldn't blink an eyelid. If there was a laptop or a bit of circuitry inside buzzing in a convincing manner you could have a bit of a chuckle . . . if the idea wasn't so damned expensive for a bit of amusement. :party: :lurk5:
SD I understand that old Caterham exhausts with the cat removed can be cut down and used? Alternatively I hear this was on display at Stoneleigh, marketed by Hombre inc ....
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95% of honey consumers can't be wrong, be wrong, bee wrong . . . :)

As always Rosti, a nice picture and I would never let the truth get in the way of a good story line . . . I believe that they might even give the Beehause a run for their honey :cheers2:
Actually Rosti you may be onto something here :biggrinjester:

Since I've put Throttle bodies on 'Bitching Betty' the old inlet manifold is now lying around redundant.

I reckon a solar panel on top of the hive, charging a 12v battery (lightweight gelpack racing battery of course), connected to a switch which controls the idle air control valve, which in turn controls the flow of honey from the hive, through the manifold and into a recepticle, would work a treat.

I the meantime though... I'm still looking for the honey dispenser I saw in the hotel!!
and I am still waiting for you to generously donate your 'cast-off' engine parts to me! What ever it looks like on the inside, it is official .... your daughter thinks my seven is 'more pretty' so there.
Can you remember the name and location of the hotel? Ask them?

Be direct, no need to hunt around if they have the information to hand. They would help if they could, I would have thought. A manufacturers name would be a start.

Regards, RAB