Hiving a Nuc - when?

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Mar 27, 2009
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Winchester, Hampshire
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Picked up a Nuc last night. The bees had a long journey, and the nuc box was finally put in position about 23:00 last night. The 5 frames look very full, so I think I should transfer the frames to the hive as soon as I can.
The weather was awful first thing, lashing down with rain, but the sun is out now, and they are out exploring.
Will it be too early and disruptive to transfer them to the hive today, or should I wait a while? I'm not sure I'll get the chance until next weekend. I don't want to kill them all by stressing them even more, but on the other hand, they seem to be a little short of room in there!
Do it now. Keep the frames in the same order. As long as the hive they are going into is in the same spot, they'll be fine.

Two weeks ago I helped a beginner move her 5-frame colony in a Smith into a WBC (which has a very different entrance) and they hardly seemed to notice.

how to

Sorry to interupt this thread, but i am new to bee keeping and hope to obtain a nuc with 5 frames next week, in the evening. Are you able to tell me the correct procedure to hive a nuc? Thanks
Set the new hive where it is to be.

Open the nuc and transfer the combs in the same order into the new brood box.

I put a frame of foundation next to the wall then the five frames of your nuc then fill with frames of foundation. Then feed with light syrup, one pound of sugar to a pint of water. Leave them to get on with it.


Exactly as above. Move the nuc to the side, put the hive where the nuc was, and carefully transfer the frames into the hive. Keep them in the same order as before. I would put a couple of frames of foundation on either side of the nuc frames and give them a little syrup in a feeder to encourage them to draw the combs.

I dont think that there is a desparate hurry to transfer the frames, unless the bees are short of room (by which I mean, if it is raining then there is no need to perch under an umberella to do it), but sooner rather than later would be better.
I can see I have to speed up my typing. :) Or should it be my thinking?

Thanks guys,

PH.... interesting you say to put the frames next to the wall, with a frame of foundation between. I was going to put them in the middle, as I presumed this was normally the warmest spot, but will do it as you suggest! Will nip out shortly and give it a go while the sun is still shining!
Well, it seemed to go well. I transferred them as quickly as possible in a brief moment when the sun came out. Found a nice red marked queen. Looking good. Thanks to all.

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