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Dec 25, 2008
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By that there Forest
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my mother rang me up earlier this week to tell me that there was an ad in the local rag, 'beekeeping kit for sale £100'

I gave the fella a ring, and over the phone he made it sound as though there was a nat brood, 2x supers, crown board, roof, a couple of floors, made up frames with foundation, packets of foundation, un-assembled frames, suit, smoker, hive tool and a load of other stuff that he didn't know what it was.

he'd had the kit for 3 years but had not had bees, the brood body had been out in the garden in the hope that a swarm may move in but it never happened.

this naturally piqued my interest so thought it was worth a gamble travelling up to look at it.

it turns out that while he may have had the hive 3 years and never had bees in it, I think there has been bees in it for about 50 years before he got it :banghead:

IF it is a national (I didn't measure it) it has top bee space and one of the supers has cut outs on the box like a lang (I think?) has rather than the bars that a national has, also the smoker was brown with rust where it's obviously spent a few years outdoors.

so the only thing worth having was the brand new frames and 3 year old foundation but he wouldn't split it :banghead:

I did refrain from telling him that the boxes are not even firewood because they are so rotten.

so inbetween the phone call and me turning up at his house, the hive changed from being an unused, 3 year old starters kit into a very old, very used and very tired set of kit.

so to all the Noobs (and maybe not so Noob) out there that are looking to get a cheap setup, be cautious about what you buy second hand.

and to those in south wales, if you see the ad in your local rag this week, its an 01443 number, you might want to give it a bit of a wide berth ;)

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