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Aug 15, 2009
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Bingley, West Yorkshire
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Panicked a bit about food supplies this morning so I put some fondant on top of the crown board. Hive was uncovered for about 30 seconds. Then the sun came out. I suppose to the bees food+sunshine meant that Spring was here. Shortly afterwards I saw the birds feeding happily on the snow around the hive. I reckon I lost about 200 bees before I could block the entrance to stop them coming out. Should have done it afer dark I suppose.
I'm sure i've done the same as you in the past and not a single bee has appeared, its amazing how yours reacted so quickly.

I too had a few bees on the snow from one colony. Now propped up a board to at least slow them down. This colony is around the entrance quite often.

Can't compare with another in the garden, that normally is flying first, as that one gets much more thermal input than this one. I only went out to inspect the hive for mite drop - and the cappings to indicate they are still alive and kicking! This one was humming nicely. One mite in four days.

Regards, RAB

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