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Jan 17, 2022
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Hi ,

am magor form greece currently athens but hope manage it out and leave away from city on up years

sry me for my english ,well not my best part but tryin my best :)

beekeepin around 5 to 6 years now,started with a swarm i guess(big one) found in a box at back balcony when moved out home back in time and was a mesh for couple monts until settle down with old stuffs and boxes from previous tenant and mine also so dunno maybe em were there before me anyway from that point my beetrip was on,found me excited read books , net,did couple seminars , try do stuffs included lot of shiets ........anyway still goin and all those years manage keepin around 10-15(my best was 20) colonies depends the splits or my looses.....hosting so far in 10 frame langsrth hives but last 2 years sold em all and keep only my nucles so currently run 12 in double 5frames boxes mostly accordin the period of the year and em strength so it can be 3 boxes either and 1 but mostly double, did this cause on my view 10frame langsrth box was widely either big or small during the year with average wintering em in 5-6-7 frames and on spring/summer my average was 16 frames and observe that nucleus was running faster to that point and also wintering better than big boxes so i no run em anymore and all those 2 years searchin and try find out which box suits to me more and i think came to a conclusion which one and thats why i register in last weeks this forum although am around here as a guest for a while time during my research!!

the hive is ya nationa although is kinda expensive and for that reason i order 2 to do 2 shock swarms while am convert couple more of my nucs to suit the frames and kinda run this year 6 collonies in national frames and the rest as it is on 5frame langrth boxes and if i prove my self right after wintering em ll convert all nucs and order as much as can afford as ya ve real expensive boxes :)

i really like that ya box is a square and ya can place it warm or cold way between boxes and so increase or decrease the winds i also like that can become a cube in inside dimensionsin 372mm's and thats where i base my idea and i ll try run it in brood and half(probably 9-9 frames or 8-8 with divison boards or and feeder frame dunno yet exactly the format) with either super or nadir depends on the period of the year,the stores, the broodnest shape,where Q lay and how limit it up or down in a more ''vertical shape'' , also like the idea use super for splits either swarm or walk away and start colonies from super and then put brood box under or run it doublesuper as roses hive managment or when manipulate demaree but with supers and split again the top super after supercedure cells appear .....and couple more manipulations kinda like caging Q in super 2frames box rather than a frame cage when trying do a brood brake for varroa control and some more things am tryin make em a plan!

i prefer the super than double brood or 14*12 cause i think it gives me the chance during manipulations not to decrease or increase ''much'' them ''already known broodnest space'' bellow QE when super/nadir it or when taken it away split it for makin new nuc.............

anyway thats me (my littlle story and my wishes plans) and just wanted to say hi ,nice to meet you

and again sry for me englsh

Welcome to the forum
Isn't it strange......? If I was starting again I'd move away from Nationals and 14x12 and go Langstroth
And don't worry about your English....you're perfectly understood
manged to transfer 9 in national hives and also converted 5 langstroth nucs in national frame dimensions due to ve to made some artificial swarms and so there are 14 national hives and 5 more langstroth nucs double

so far am happy and seems bees too in nationals maybe it also that cause of foundationless(no wires no nothing just narrow starter strips small cell foundation that order them by mistake but no problem so far them accept it) that decided to go alongside cutted langstroth frames(sides and bottom) so as fit into national dimensions and from what i ve seem is that them draw most light wax ve seen in my beekeeper life so far, many many drones and the most beauty QCells and that them grow real fast faster than langstroth hives(maybe cause of the smaller frames and boxes i run em on 9frames) my only problem was the build of super frames(i had none drawn) but solve it by putting it one on brood box and after draw it move it back to super and put new one and.....etc until i ve 4-5 drawn so as make em move in to super and continue draw the rest another problem i had was that in couple hives that them had a slope either to the front or the the side them draw the foundationless frames with a bit of a slope too and had to wait until wax find the bottom bars so as cut it a liittle push it bit making it vertical but also solve it by managing hives be on a perfect balance and them draw as it should

also what i noticed is that stronger the hive i converted the more drone wax they draw but in the artificial swarm hives i left with Q behind on 1 frame brood + 1 frame stores they draw much less drone combs

looking forwrd for the rest of the season and will keep couple langstroth 's also to compare but so far the signs looks promising and show me that may did the right decision transfer in to national cause despite all the tribulation i made for them so as do the convert and draw the foundationless them seems on step in front than langstroth

thats it for now will see how it ll go on summer then autumn and winter hope them continue as now
so far am happy and seems bees too in nationals maybe it also that cause of foundationless(no wires no nothing just narrow starter strips small cell foundation that order them by mistake but no problem so far them accept it)
I tried that kind of frames. In the summer when the weather is warm and very warm, those combs are too unstable. I've found out that the work with the foundationless frames is a torture for me. In addition there are so many drones, colonies quickly switch on to swarming.

What plants provide the nectar flow in Greece?
jep i know what you mean them real unstable and ve to take care when inspect hold em as much as vertical i can until them have draw till the sides and bottom bar and also true many drones and real faster/earlier swarm signs but am not doing Q rearing so i expand hive numbers or replace Queens cutting and using swarm cells from those who making them early but ll see it next spring how much earlier it will happen after overwinter with those hives and frames cause am still on the start with them not even ve done all the transfers from langstroth but so far am pleased with all

well in greece most honey flow comes from pine or and with pine and then there are so many low flowers but aalso spruce , oak , chestnut , heather , thyme and then some cultivations/crops but no huge areas , you know we small country but mostly due to the soil and how it is shaped in greece where in one moment ya in up the mountain and next moment down the sea there is nothing truly homogeneous

edit: just saw where you coming from so wanted wish you the best and all this end soon and peace comes, take care all my wishes

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