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Aug 19, 2009
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Good evening,

Iam very interested in looking into starting a new hobby of keeping bees, I live and work in the country so have an understanding of the outdoor life and dealing with the agricultural industry. This aside I have a large area of open space and orchard.
Please be gentle with me, I would like to find out more about the art of beekeeping, the course in beekeeping at easton College Norwich is fully sibscribed for September 09.
Any advice on how to progress would be very much appreciated.

Good morning Greenland.

I would recommend getting a bit of practical experience in asap as the season is drawing to a close in five or six weeks time for the winter.

Find your local beekeeping association, and ask if you can go along to an apiary meeting and observe. If all else fails look on the BBKA website for local assocs.

Find a nearby friendly beekeeper and ask if you can observe some of his procedures.

You could try asking for mentoring help on this forum in another thread perhaps. Maybe Admin has some suggestions on that.

Regards JC.
Hi and welcome Greenland,

The beekeeping course - is this for starters (beginners)? If so, enroll on the next one. You will not lose much time as the season is nearly over for this year. You are unlikely, now, to actually become a beekeeper this year! But be prepared for the new season.

As others have said, get along to your beekeeping association for their winter meetings, read as many books as you can (both old and new are relevant - just that the old ones will be missing all the newer developments, such as varroah, if more than about 20 years old). I am talking here of useful books which may be over 1/2 a century since the last of the revisions!

Ask questions here by all means. The information is free. As mentioned, try to find a mentor for next season; they may be in short supply, what with the large amount of interest in beekeeping from new starters this season, if 2010 is anything like this year.

One thing, don't rush out and buy new equipment until you are satified it is the best for you.

Regards, RAB
Thank you all, being Scottish will not be rushing into things. I appreciate the season is drawing to an end and I will endevour to research the subject over the "close season"

Trawling through the internet I am struggling to find a local group, however may not be looking in the right places, will try harder.

Thank you for your welcome and please be tollerent if I ask some of the most stupid things.

Hello welcome :)
Thank you, I had found West Norfolk however that's a fair distance, will contact waveney.

Much appreciated

hello from another norfolk beekeeper. where in norfolk are you?
I'm a member of the Norfolk Beekeepers, and pay my national subs through them, I am also a member of the Waveney Beekeepers. Both groups put on good demonstrations (I went to one yesterday, 'preparing your bees for the winter' put on by the waveney group)
feel free to contact me for any info/help, either via the open board or you can p.m. me.
rgds, Tony in sunny Gorleston-on-sea, on the east coast (somewhere nr yarmouth) ;)

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