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hedgerow pete 

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Jan 26, 2009
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UK, Birmingham, Sandwell. Pork scratching Bandit c
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went through the green house last week collecting the last of the last and then spent three days working through my preserve books to see what i could do with it with the stocks of spices and food at home.

we have so far 6 bottles of green tomato chutney

we were also going to have ten jars of home made tomatoe sauce but the whizzer broke, so we now have ten jars of home made tomatoe buger relish (chunky)

we are going to have a go at some char grilled green tomato chutney as well

and with whats left in the veg bed may be some form or branston pickles
all though i will have to buy a cauliflower for that one as mine all went to seed this year

and just to top things off from my utterly terible week i have managed to get the worlds largest water leek from the cars underneth, great !!

5 weeks with one work and when i get a start for monday i lose the flipping car, looks as if i am commuting via brum to milton keynes on the train this week , untill i can afford the garage bills

it never rains but it pours:banghead:

victor meldrew 

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Nov 10, 2008
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all though i will have to buy a cauliflower for that one as mine all went to seed this year
Best crop of cauliflowers I ever got were market purchased seedlings,
Ground had been walked(played on for years :smash:)
I simply hammered a poker in at intervals, popped the seedlings into each hole , covered each individually with a Heath Robinson cloche made with welding rods and plastic bags !( it was frosty at the time).
Caulies turned out superb, nice tight florets , none bolted to seed !
Did the same with Spring cabbages ! :sifone:

John Wilkinson

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