Have you had any rain?

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House Bee
Mar 25, 2009
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We have not had a proper rain session since July and it is so dry the farmer was watering a field of stubble the other day, just so he could plough it! Last time we have a brief shower was for half an hour in August. The water butts are nearly empty too.
Same here, most of our lawn is brown. I haven't mown it for over three weeks because its not grown enough. I have started watering all my pots around the garden. I lost two plants in pots because I just did not think to water them. I also have plants that need planting before the cold sets in but the ground it too hard to even think of it. I also have bulbs to plant but don't fancy my chances of getting the bulb planter thingy in the ground deep enough. I have just checked the LRF for our area and it shows no rain for at least another week!
Same for us. Grass is nearly brown, and also like the farmer (but on a smaller scale) when rotovating my veg plot it was like a dust bowl.

I have a 1000L water but which is about full, so fingers crossed for more rain.

But I have nearly been caught out from not watering plants recently.
Opposite here,rained every day of july,most days in August,and is raining now,everything is lovely and green,wonder everything is not covered in green slime.
Likewise Pete,
Still the Flemish weavers moved over to Lancashire a couple of hundred years ago to take advantage of the humidity .(helped to stop threads breaking) .
MMhhh we could do with a little humidity on here, and perhaps a little humility :cheers2:.

John Wilkinson
Take it youve not been north of the border, we could export the stuff!!!!
Take it youve not been north of the border, we could export the stuff!!!!

Was at RAF Leuchars 11th 12th 13th Sept.
Weather superb, glorious sunshine no wind ,perfect for the Airshow :)

John Wilkinson
we have had loads of rain in July and August, but other that a very slight drizzle overnight.

Hivemaker to the south has had quite a bit.. Have been watching the rain on the radar miss us.

We also have a brown lawn and am having to water the plants in the garden!
I think West rather than South was the major factor this year?

John Wilkinson
Its raining here
Just shows how local weather can be, Jimbeekeeper and I are only about 12 miles apart. Thunderstorms and some heavy downpours recently, lush green grass.

It will rain on Sat / Sun in the North West. I'm going walking in the Lakes, all Beeks in Lancashire & Cumbria, you've been warned.
still none of the water falling from the sky stuff here since july, apart from one or two very brief showers (not enough to run-off the roof)

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