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Dec 14, 2008
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East Yorkshire
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Has anyone cut their grass (lawn) this year already?

If it stays dry over night might dragg the old lawn mower out tommorow and give it a quick high cut.
NOOOOOOOOOO dont cut it itll only grow again. My pet hate is cutting grass. :ack2:
I like a nice tidy lawn and am itching to get cutting it again, but dont want to be the first on the road to do it!

It is easy with a ride on mower so not that much of a chore
I am trying to be more green and not cut it so much and let the weeds grow, including the clover and dandelion so that my bees are even happier. I don't like doing it. I am going to set the cutter higher when I do cut it. At the moment the guinea pigs are keeping it short.
I cut my grass on high and do not collect the cutting, therfore saving on land fill/ petrol to take to land fill + it fertilises the lawn.

I also leave a few sections uncutt

But I do have one bit that a look after very nice:)
Cut my grass today, and very pleased I am.

Now on the slippery slope of cutting the grass
I have a female dog also , she's ruined the back garden lawn:(.
I have 2 front lawns one of which is seeded with that special quick growing grass that's been around for a few years.
I wouldn't recommend it for a bowling green but I've found it highly resistant to Sashas' attentions :) Yes I have cut my lawns (Thursday)

No grass to cut here but we are involved in major gardening as we have a huge slope behind the property, some 60 degrees of. The plan for that is some apple trees and then undersow with a stabalising grass, which will not be cut. The builders have made a retaining wall for us and we are going to move some earth about to make some veggie beds.

Thanks for posting that Subbuteo... I really enjoyed listening to the guy. :)

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