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Dec 14, 2008
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I contacted a bee supplies recently asking for fumigilin and got the following message

We don't have any at the moment as we are not to sell it until it has been approved. It is banned in Europe. We are selling Vita gold instead.[quote/]

Is this true?

Possible linked to the following thread as well, but since the original thornes email I have seen no mention of the ban!

The original thread was about fumidil which is still for sale on thornes website. As for fumigillin cant see that for sale in any of the big bee shops.
fumagillin or Fumidil B is not banned in this Country.
There has been 'talk' of phasing it out but nothing in writing has been forthcoming.
So until then carry on using.

Anyone know if Fumigilin-B was banned? or why it was hard to get hold of...

Anyone know if Fumigilin-B was banned? or why it was hard to get hold of...

it was originally developed to be a tumor treatment (it seems to inhibit the flow of blood to the tumor), but was found to cause birth defects. i was under the impression that it was only legal for use on bees, and then, only in the U.S. and Canada...apparently i was wrong about that.

of particular note is how it is produced...by culturing the microbe that causes stonebrood!

It may only be a matter of time before it is banned as the UK is, I believe, the only country in the EU which still allows it. I've never used it and would prefer to select for resistance by allowing infected colonies to perish - although I have not so far had to make this choice as my bees haven't suffered. I had samples tested last year and now have my own microscope so can do my own checks.

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