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Feb 18, 2010
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How long is a piece of string
can someone tell what metal they are made of or does it not matter
... or plastic. You can buy J section plastic edging from DIY shops that does a very good job as frame runners. Cheap as chips.
thanks for that , do u think b and q would sell it
and also what way would the j bendy bit face ?
Cheap as chips.

Or maybe you could use angle section. I did, on one of my Dartingtons. Just need to make sure that bee space is upheld or they might fill small holes with very sticky propolis.

I simply run the electric planer along the length if it needs reducing. The router table would likely be a slightly better route (with appropriate precautions) and I could easily rebate lengths of PSE strips if I wanted (hardly worth the trouble of setting up!).

Flaming plastic, for spring cleaning, is not recommended and removal is often fatal to the runner, so plastic is possibly a less user-friendly option both from the 'eco' and practical angles.

Type of metal? Stainless steel is likely best option but not cheapest. Bees won't mind.

Slip into a slot, or screw/nail on the side? Now there is another dilema. Ho, hum, decisions, decisions....

Regards, RAB
ok thanks all i'm of to the shops :)
hi, until recently I used the galvanised runners from thornes, but if you use acetic acid to sterilise brood boxes and frames the runners will corrode and rust so I have started using stainless steel strips, no angles, just like a ruler and can be set/fitted how you like, which helps on badly made brood boxes.

All The Best, Enzo
hanks but i have now gone for a the ruler type metal as that was all i could find.
Ally i think it is , so will not rust .
This is like the stone, paper, scissors game:banghead:

Caustic eats Ally, Blowtorch melts plastic, Stainless - most expensive but lasts for ever.