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Jul 3, 2010
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All Stretton Shropshire
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Hi daft question from newcommer, who tried skydiving without chute bit flat down right side time to think.
14x12 it keeps comming up is this the size of frame or brood box do you requir a extra deep brood box or is this what is ment by one & a half brood a brood plus super with brood in.
I made my first 20 frames singly then fixed the wax & beed bars, I only made the first one of the next 10 deceided to teddious took as long to knock up a jig to make 10 at once as make one frame, I make the frames upsidedown fitting both bottom bars then turn over and do top trim corners off wax and fit top beed .
Why are there two skinny bits at bottom of frame, shortage of trees or bee space, they build over it anyway, if the top & bottom bars are same width it would be surly easer for uncapping,I have had no honey to try yet as my bees are to young, if no one comes up with good reason why not , the next lot I make will all have wider bottom bar,manly super and hoffman brood, will have to wait till both sides work again,
Going to kill a few more wasps caught 40 in first hr in 5 pop bottles yesterday get some rat bait and jam , and make a victor meldrew tunnel left handed, if I can find the nest I will treat them to 5 liters stale petrol, and stand well back.


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Apr 6, 2010
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Paley Street, Berkshire
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A 14x12 is particular size of brood box, I don't recall the dimensions but is larger than a standard National brood box, not sure if it's as large as a brood and a half (brood + super).

I was advised on my course that 14x12 is advisable, especially in the South as colonies will need the extra space, and brood and a half can be fiddly for inspections, but I guess you don't have the flexibility that brood and a half can give.

I thought Manley frames had equal width side and bottom bars to make uncapping easier, but I can't be sure, I have some but had no reason to make any up as nucleus arrived late and I wasn't considering supering them at any point.


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Jul 15, 2009
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14x12 it keeps comming up is this the size of frame or brood box


Why are there two skinny bits at bottom of frame

Do you mean the side-bars? Less to get propolised together if Hoffmans.

Or the bottom bars? to support the foundation without restricting slight stretching or potential wavy drawn comb.

I will treat them to 5 liters

One litre is likely sufficient; Be very careful if the nest happens to be in someone's attic!


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