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I think we will see a continuation of disturbed weather patterns, thus a prediction is impossible other than to say don't expect anything better than an average year.
Just reported today :
Britons should prepare themselves for an unpredictable March, as a “significant disruption to Polar Vortex” due to a warming of the Pacific which could result in “chaotic events”.
El Nino, an unusual warming of the eastern Pacific, is set to rock weather patterns as Spring rears its head in the UK.
The climate pattern has been battering the Stratospheric Polar Vortex, a seasonal belt of strong westerly winds at 10-40km that blow around the North Pole, according to WX Charts, with data provided by the MetDesk.

As a result, “chaotic events” are anticipated as rising temperatures and strong winds combine, resulting in a March that has been likened to being as unpredictable as “Jekyll & Hyde”
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Mine always seems pretty constant whatever the year, however ....... Less hives this year so I could be in for a shock
Waste of time even thinking about forecasting the seasons these days ... impossible to predict even a couple of weeks in advance. The best you can hope for it is plan short term, be prepared with kit and react as necessary.