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Jul 9, 2010
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Longsight, Manchester, UK
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None, although I have my eye on one ( Just don't tell Dusty ;) )
I treated our colony for varroa tonight with thymol. I have been a little apprehensive about it as I have been told they don't like it, and after my naughty bee experience a few days ago, didn't think I could stomach it. I thought our mentor was going to do it and I would watch, but when he arrived and told me I was doing it, I will admit to feeling a little bit sick lol :svengo:

I must need my head feeling, being scared of bees, yet trying to become a bee keeper :p they handled it well though, and I've been told to re do it in a fortnight. I'm quite pleased with myself now. We watched for a while, the smell was over powering, I felt a bit bad about doing it. I understand that sometimes the bees will hang out of the entrance during treatment, but how long after putting in the strips would they do that? I stayed for about an hour, and although one or two seemed to come out, gasp clean air then go back in, there was no evidence of a mass exodus. I will have another look tomorrow ( by having a look, I mean from the outside....I understand they must not be disturbed during treatment )

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