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Aug 3, 2009
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I have just received for birthday my first poly hive from modern beekeeping. I am really impressed by it and so far it look good. Plus i will be able to afford more as they are cheaper then buying cedar or softwood nationals.

The thing is what should i do about frames should i order plastic of wood ? obviously i will have to convert my current national frames to fit which will be wood. will i need to get the bees working well on the wood and foundation before introducing them to plastic ?

Just get them straight on to plastic, if thats the way you want to go. Don't give them a mixture of both, until there drawn that is.

Good luck.
How well will plastic frames do with extraction ? i take it they can take a bit more spinning as they won't warp or loose the comb as such ? or do you simply scrape everything off and start again ?

I have my frames on order and as i won't be able to dip them how do you go about waxing them on a smaller scale ?
Are we talking plastic foundation, plastic frames or both? I run some plastic in wood, but not many. They are drawn OK when they are really needed (in a good flow). No difference in handling when completely drawn out.

Regards, RAB
I received my first Poly Hive this week. bee-smillie
Havent put it together as yet. Saving this for my dayss off.
I didnt order frames as I was going to use Wooden ones.

I mistakenly assumed that the plastic frames needed plastic foundation.
So am I right in saying that you can use plastic frames but still use wax foundation?
and if so
are there any benefits between the two
ie. plastic or wooden frames?
I think you can get frames in any combination. Be it plastic frame and foundation t last frames with wax foundation or a wood frame with plastic foundation.

Hope that makes sense, I was just wondering how people with a complete plastic frame and foundation wax them. How many coats etc?

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